You will discover exactly why Peru is known as The Land of Hidden Treasures as you will embark on an adventure of a lifetime along the Inca Trail, feeling the breeze of the sacred mountain of Salkantay, over the plains of the Sacred Valley, exploring new trails to Choquequirao and trekking to the spiritual ancient city of Machu Picchu. This never-to-be-forgotten adventure through Peru and Cusco is sure to leave you astounded by the magic and mystery of the sacred land of the Incas.

  1. Break of day Machupicchu
    2 Days - 1 Nights from 380.00 USD
  2. Classic Cusco city tour
    1 Day from 60.00 USD
  3. Cusco private half day tours
    Half day from 50.00 USD
  4. Machupicchu full day
    Full Day from 300.00 USD
  5. Private Sacred Valley full day tours
    Full Day from 80.00 USD
  6. The Sacred Valley of the Incas
    Full Day from 80.00 USD

  1. Choquequirao the Last Inca Refuge
    11 Days - 10 Nights from 1600.00 USD
  2. Choquequirao Sacred Sister Trip
    6 Days - 5 Nights from 890.00 USD
  3. Choquequirao Enigmatic
    5 Days - 4 Nigths from 460.00 USD
  4. Choquequirao Ancient Route
    4 Days - 3 Nigths from 600.00 USD

  1. Salkantay Adventure
    9 Days - 8 Nights from 800.00 USD
  2. Salkantay Cultural Trip
    10 Days - 9 Nights from 1300.00 USD
  3. Salkantay Clasic
    5 Days - 4 Nights from 550.00 USD
  4. Salkantay Trek Cultural to Machu Picchu
    8 Days - 7 Nights from 850.00 USD

  1. Cusco the Sacred Inka routes
    11 Days - 10 Nights from 1050.00 USD
  2. Highland and Amazon trip
    10 Days - 9 Nights from 1950.00 USD
  3. Machupicchu Amazon
    7 Days - 6 Nights from 1400.00 USD
  4. Peru Ancient path
    13 Days - 12 Nights from 2750.00 USD

  1. Inka Jungle trip
    4 Days - 3 Nights from 320.00 USD
  2. Inka Jungle trip via Llactapata
    4 Days - 3 Nights from 340.00 USD

  1. Lares Trek
    4 Days - 3 Nights from 580.00 USD

  1. Llactapata Inca trail 2D
    2 Days - 1 Nights from 350.00 USD
  2. Llactapata Inca trail 3D
    3 Days - 2 Nights from 360.00 USD

  1. Huchuy Qosqo trek
    3 Days - 2 Nights from 350.00 USD
  2. Huchuy Qosqo trek and Sacred Valley
    2 Days - 1 Night from 280.00 USD

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